How does Prepay/Pay as you go work?+

We take your monthly fixed line charges & calculate a daily rate.  This is the minimum you need to have in your account to use your services.  If your account hits $0, your account services will be blocked until this is topped up and ready to go again.  It’s easy to know when to top up because we’ll email you and text you any time your account balance runs low and if your balance gets really low we will send you an urgent reminder!

How much do I need to pay to get started?

A $50 bond is required which is transferred onto your account as credit to get you up and away.

Do I need a modem?

Yes, you will need to supply your own modem or buy one from us.

We will confirm your daily rate when you sign up.

How do I check my balance?

Track your internet usage and monitor your account balance with MyCompass.

When I top up, how long will it take for my balance and display to be updated?

Your account balance will update in MyCompass immediately as long as all details are correct.  Or you call 0800 640 840 and follow the self service prompts.

Is there a minimum top up amount?

If topping up via Bill Guru there is a minimum top up of $5.

If you have recently been disconnected & reconnected again we recommend you top up a minimum of 4 x your daily rate.

My internet won’t work!

Your account balance may have reached $0.00.  Top up to get your internet running again.

For all other issues try unplugging your modem and rebooting or please call our Customer Care Team on 0800 640 840.

I’m moving house what do I need to do?

Let us know if you plan on moving house and we can connect you at your new address.  The cost is $65.

What if I stop using the internet or go on holiday?

You still need to pay the daily rate even when you are not using the internet.  If you are at a $0.00 balance for 8 days you will be disconnected.  It costs $65 to reconnect.

What if I want to cancel?

Call our Customer Care Team on 0800 640 840 and let us know when you want to be disconnected so we can make sure you can still use the internet until this date.

Do I pay more on prepay than if I am on monthly billing?

Yes but there are no surprises!  All of your possible charges & fees such as standard technician call outs are included in your pricing so you won’t receive a large bill if something goes wrong. This provides a more flexible option, and peace of mind for our customers.

Do you supply medically dependent customers?

Yes, please let us know if you rely on a medical alarm so we are aware.

Does it cost to reconnect?

If you have been disconnected or moving house you will need to pay a $65 re-connection fee.


Prepay or On Account?+

Some communications companies insist you pass a full credit check before letting you have an account. Others let you have an account but charge you double what you should be paying. Compass is different.

We have payment options to fit everyone… and everyone gets our best price.

Choose a monthly account
If you’re happy paying your account in full on the 20th of each month and have a good credit history, this is your best option. Payment options at your disposal are:

  • direct debit
  • credit card
  • direct credit (bank deposit)
  • cheque

Prepay / pay as you go
Compass prepay is a great way of staying connected because it lets you pay as you go. That means you can move away from paying a lump sum every month, instead, paying smaller amounts as often as you like, to fit in with your cashflow.

Compass prepay is a bit like operating a prepay mobile phone, except you’ll always need to keep your account balance in enough credit to keep your fixed services like phone and broadband active as there is a daily cost associated with them.

When you choose to pay as you go, you won’t be credit checked and you won’t need to pay a security deposit. You just need to top up your account with enough credit to get started and keep it topped up.

On prepay, you’ll get the same low prices as on account.

Easy payment options for paying as you go
Our most popular payment method for pay as you go customers is the Bill Guru payment card. You can use this handy card to top up in thousands of dairies and convenience stores throughout New Zealand. You can pay in store using any payment method the store accepts, including cash.